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Hello to you all firstly id like to say a big thank to you for stopping by and reading The Grange : Some Boys Tale so id like to ask you kindly for your thoughts on what you have read so far as you know I’m still am new to this kind of platform so all feedback welcome good or bad bear in mind there’s loads more to come also any Hints Or Tips id live to hear so again Thank You

The Grange : Some Boys Tale – The Gate Part 2

As I made my way over it became clear that if I fall it’s going to hurt but at that moment, I didn’t care I had to get over no matter what so as I reached the top of the gates I just hanged and dropped let me tell you as I hit the ground my feet were tingling but I had no time to hang around as I wasn’t sure if someone had seen me but I soon realised that the coast was clear so I began my way across the carpark and small field constantly looking back to see if I was being followed luckily for me I wasn’t as I’m positive I would have been caught and taken back to school. TBC

The Grange : Some Boys Tale – The Gate Part One

The grange was a boarding school for boys Monday to Friday So I was led to believe and get taken to school on a Monday morning, and I would be picked up on Friday afternoon and taken home now this happened in my first week at the grange.

My second week came around and it was Friday lunchtime we were all sitting at our tables and Mr. Brown had stood up to read a list of names out included mine and we were told once it was time to leave the dining room we were to all go upstairs to pack our belongings it is now where things changed for me because there were names that were not mentioned including one boy who was on our table and he explained to me how he and a few others stayed there at the weekends and went home during the school holidays I then noticed how he and the other boys all stood up and left the dining room cheering and saying first to the table gets the first choice of cue the doors close and the room is all most quite until we are asked to go to our rooms.

This is where I decided I wasn’t going home that weekend I was staying put I didn’t know how but I had to think fast.

As I got to my room the other lads in the room didn’t seem bothered they seemed happy to go home they all left one by one as their transport had arrived I was left standing alone looking out as the minibusses left yet bill still hadn’t turned up and I hadn’t packed a thing I didn’t have long so I left my room and headed downstairs and as I got to the main doors leading to the front office and they were locked sometimes there propped open I managed to get out of the school but to get to the front of the school I had to get over the double gates and this was the only way to the left of me was a canal to the right is the school so I had no choice but to try and get over.

The Grange : Some Boys Tale, Part Two

Several weeks went by without seeing Danny which was strange because I thought we were friends so one Friday afternoon I went around to Danny’s house to see if he wanted to come and play and all I can remember was his dad coming to the door and before any words came out of my mouth he grabbed me by the arm and said you’re coming with me I’m sick of you fucking lot he then frog marched back to the school and as he was doing so he kept saying things like I bet it was one of you lot taking things that don’t belong to you it’s always the same with you lot but as we got to the schools front doors I can remember Mr Brown just stood there shaking his head from side to side with his arms on his hips as he opened the door his words I’ll never forget What have you done now as he said this Danny’s dad who even to this day I don’t know his name he pushed me into Mr Brown and said not him just keep him away from my fucking son , Mr brown then spoke and told me to go to my room and he would come speak to me shortly I didn’t hear what was said after that but all I knew was, that his dad wasn’t happy and I never saw Danny again.

The Grange : Some Boys Tale, Part One

The Grange = Whittington Grange School was a boarding school for boys.
Some Boys Tale = The phrase Some Boys was something we heard more times than I can remember, back then we were treated like Scum we weren’t given a chance to show them we are just like you, we were referred to as Some Boys from the school Keep Away from them, the children around the area were warned not to speak or play with us I can clearly remember meeting a boy called Danny and he was told by his mom and dad to Keep Away from the boys from the school they will get you into trouble I’m hoping by reading my blog you will come to understand how a boy in this position felt as we were just Some Boys from the naughty school up the road.

The Grange : Some Boys Tale

Hello and welcome back to my blog, I thought I would take this time to explain a little about The Grange: Some Boys Tale but not too much as I would like you guys to come back, This all started around May 1990 it felt like a normal day, but deep down I knew I had no choice, I could kick and scream and it would not make a difference today is the day and I knew at any moment that the doorbell would ring and it would be time to go.

Intro: The Grange, Some Boys Tale

Hi guys Richie Bear here Im 42 and from the West Midlands I have 4 beautiful children and iv been with my partner for over 20 years and yes, this is my first ever blog ” Can’t You Tell ” and your probably wondering what My blog is going to be about.
Im currently writing a book called The Grange: Some Boys Tale, Now this is a true story and to find out more your going to have to come back and continue to read and follow my blog The Grange: Some Boys Tale so until next time

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